How to decorate your garden on Halloween in 2020?

The 2020 Halloween is just around the corner and if you have not yet decided how to decorate your garden and air disaster, this garden decorations from KMERLIFE would be Halloween for you to very useful and interesting. KMERLIFE have tried to compile the coolest Halloween decorations outside to help you create the perfect atmosphere for this fun festival.


The simplest decoration is absolutely Pumpkins!

Pumpkins are used in various ways during Halloween like carving, painting and making jack-o-lanterns. You can also simply make an outdoor decoration from pumpkins and other small props. Put them on stairs and next to your front door. Or you can make a pumpkin topiary.


use pumpkin to decorate your halloween garden


Halloween puppet and ghost!

Make a Halloween sock puppet: Using sock and art supplies such as paint, buttons, glitter and glue, make sock puppets of Halloween characters like jack-o-lanterns, Frankenstein, ghosts or witches! Crafts like this help with fine motor skills. Always be safe when handling small items. See if you can tell a story with your sock puppets after you make them! 

If you are not good at handcraft, KMERLIFE have prepared a Hanging&Pumpkin Ghost 6 Set for you!

With 6 different styles, little Ghost decoration at the Witch Hat, Pumpkin,and Spike pattern at the body. We offer three colors as a pack for this ghost decor, orange, white, and green.

This will match perfectly with all your needs and allow you to decorate your house as you wish. All these three colors are bright and distinct which are very suitable for Halloween decorations!!!

kmerlife halloween garden hanging ghost


The spookier witches!

A full-size witch figure definitely would be a scary addition to your backyard. It’s a perfect time to bring the skinny witch from the ghost stories grandmother used to tell us while we were kids to life. You can also try decorating your backyard with a spooky witch this Halloween. I am done with all preparations and bought a large-sized witch silhouette, black cat figure, artificial ravens, large black pot and pumpkins to complete the wicked appeal. Now, I am desperately waiting for the All Hallows’ Eve to turn my garden into a witchy place. If you want to try it too, just look at the pictures given below, and see how these witch-themed décors turn a pleasant garden into a wicked yard. Trust me, the idea will make your garden look spookier than ever.


kmerlife's halloween decoration ideas

Decorate your backyard with bunch of white sheets!

Decorating backyard with a bunch of white sheets for the scary Halloween night is a simple and terrific idea.

The idea does not ask you to spend much. You can even use some shabby sheets, dress them to ghost or cover them to lamp to Create an atmosphere of terror! I have tried this last year, so KMERLIFE says it is one of the easiest, inexpensive yet scary backyard Halloween decoration ideas.

A bunch of white sheets, scissor, white thread, wood sticks and extra fabric to stuff ghost’s heads is all need to make it. You can make it easily following the pictures below. If you don’t have enough white sheets, you can also try white polyethylenes. They will give the same appeal.


kmerlife hallowen great decoration ideas

Beyond those ideas, you can humorize your Halloween with skeleton couple, decorate your backyard with skeletons, hang a swing for your ghost friend in backyard, or even use the Bloody footprints at your front door, all these can help you spend a unforgettable Halloween!


kmerlife garden decoration for halloween

And now, you have a splendid Halloween theme garden,  how you can get the most out of it?

Dressing up is one of the best parts of Halloween! Set up a virtual costume party with your child and their friends to show off their cute costumes.

You’ ll need glow sticks, flashlights and safety cones for this one. Place an illuminated flashlight inside a safety cone. This should give the cone a soft glow and the light should shine out of the top. Then crack glow sticks so they illuminate and connect the ends so each stick forms a ring. With all the lights turned off (and maybe some spooky music playing), you can play glow-in-the-dark ring toss!


At last, I have to remind you, remember that Halloween will be a bit different for 2020. Advance tickets are highly recommended or required at many events and attractions. Masks are also required in all public spaces, as is social distancing. Your best bet: Plan ahead. Look online or call to get a better sense of what experience to expect. Certainly, the safest way to avoid risk is to hold the party on your own garden, with your families and friends.

Decorate halloween theme gardenGarden decorationHalloween party

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