How does KMERLIFE yellow sticky fly traps catch fruit flies, and works for fungus gnats?

Welcome to spring!

You've got a GREAT garden growing...and then the swarm of bugs shows up. Ugh. Now you need to figure a way to killing fruit flies in house or outdoor.

Don’t worry. As we have introduced former in this artical 2020 The easiest and best way to catch fruit flies? Yellow stick traps!! can be attracted by bright color. So still, we are recommending KMERLIFE yellow fruit fly traps, the best best fruit fly trap , the best way to get rid of fruit flies fast.


What are Sticky Traps?

KMERLIFE yellow sticky traps are the of various shapes (rectangular, circular or in form the of tape) and sizes, that is painted with yellow oil paint and coated with glue, white grease or Vaseline. KMERLIFE has two shapes of insect glue traps: Butterfly Shape and Sunflower Shape.


Most of the insects are attracted towards the yellow or bright yellow color. Insects when come in contact with the sticky bug traps, trapped in the glue, which is replaced from time to time. Hence, it is the best ways to kill fruit flies. Thus, this controls the population of flies, thrips, aphids and leafminers.


Sticky trap pest control means using a glue-based trap to catch and immobilize pests. Which is how KMERLIFE sticky fly paper works. These types of traps are typically cardboard with a layer of sticky glue, which it the most natural way to get rid of fruit flies. The card may also be folded into a tent shape or laid flat. The tent cover protects the sticky surface from dust and other materials. Some insect sticky traps also include some type of scent to entice certain pests.


A sticky trap may also be a hanging trap. For examply, KMERLIFE yellow sticky traps has filament for you to hang it. The type that sits on surfaces really only works for crawling bugs, like spiders or cockroaches. Flying insects can’t be trapped that way. A hanging strip of sticky paper can be used to catch and trap flies, for instance.

Why should you use sticky traps?

Perhaps you feel doubt, does there any substitute goods can capture fruit flies? Sorry, it deed nothing can replace KMERLIFE yellow sticky traps, this best indoor fruit fly trap method.

There are many solutions to dealing with unwanted insects, and each has benefits and drawbacks. Yellow sticky cards & traps for bugs are the best strategy.

Using KMERLIFE sticky traps to monitor pests is a standard greenhouse practice that can help reduce overall pest management costs when coupled with plant inspections. Natural yellow fruit fly trap are a tool for identifying adult insect pests present in a greenhouse, including whiteflies, thrips, fungus gnats, shore flies and leafminers.

Though, some greenhouse pests such as spider mites, scales and mealybugs are usually not caught on sticky traps. Only winged aphids are captured, and winged forms do not typically appear until population levels are high.

Sticky traps can provide an early warning of pest presence before plant damage is observed, alerting growers to step up visual inspections.

All in all, KMERLIFE yellow hanging sticky fly trap are a common method for monitoring many pests, including aphids, whiteflies, and leafminer adults.


Where should you ues sticky traps?

Most insects and rodent pests prefer to travel in dark areas and along edges.  Hence the best placement of a sticky card is in an out-of-the-way location in direct contact with a wall.  The two open ends of the trap should run parallel to the wall to make it easy for insects to enter.

Kitchen, balcony, bedroom and garden are all the suitable place for you to place the sticky traps.


On what insects, bugs you can use this fruit fly killer?

Adult whiteflies, thrips, fungus gnats, leafminers, psyllids, shore flies, winged aphids, parasites, and so on.


What is the advantage and disadvantage of yellow sticky traps for gnats?


  • This method is easy to use.
  • This has a low cost and is highly effective.
  • KMERLIFE yellow sticky traps are non-toxic.



  • KMERLIFE yellow sticky traphas limited use in open field.
  • Useful insect pollinators are also trapped.(It won’t hurt bees.)


Where to buy at home yellow fruit fly sticky traps?

Directly from KMERLIFE here.

30 PCS only for $13.99. You can get 15 Butterfly Shape and 15 Sunflower Shape.


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