We stand behind the products we sell! We want you to be satisfied with your purchase from KmerLife and if you're not, we'll cover the cost of returning it. If you are not satisfied with the performance of any product purchased from us, simply return it to us and we will give you your money back. Before that, please read our Return & Refund Policy carefully.


  1. Return & Exchange Policy
  • Adhering to the principle of the supremacy of the buyer's interests, KmerLife promises that if the buyer finds that the product is defective after receiving it, KmerLife will make full compensation and meanwhile afford the expense of product returned shipping. But the premise is that buyers cooperate with us to provide evidence such as pictures and videos to confirm that there is indeed defective with product quality.
  • The return application out for buyer's dislike, wrong purchase, over-purchase and other non-product quality reasons, should be submitted within 30 days from buyers get products. The freight for product return shall be borne by the buyer.
  • If there are operational errors made by KmerLife, such as wrong delivering, mistake receiving address, KmerLife needs to reissue exactly new same products to the buyer.
  • If there are problems of packet loss and missed delivery caused by the third-party logistics operator's operation error,KmerLife needs to negotiate with the third-party logistics company and give the customer corresponding compensation within 7 days after confirming the cause of accident.
  • Returned orders negotiated by KmerLife and buyer, should be returned to our warehouse, located in CA. The detailed info about return will be send to your email as soon as we get your refund apply.           
  1. Refund Policy
  • For product returns caused by product quality, after KmerLife's customer service confirms that the product does have quality problems, a full refund will be arranged within 3 days from confirmation date. And KmerLife will compensate buyer the return freight.
  • The returns out for non-product quality problems, KmerLife will give a full refund within 3 days from the date receiving the customer's returned product.


    1. Return Process
    • The buyer must contact KmerLife before returning the product. KmerLife has the right to refuse to accept the returned goods without prior contact.
    • When contacting KmerLife, the buyers make sure to provide the accurate order number to facilitate KmerLife customer service verification
    • In case of wrong shipment, missing products, damaged products, deformed products, unusable product, etc., please apply for compensation to the KmerLife within 30 days of receiving the product. Orders over 30 days will not be processed in principle. The 30-days period begins when logistics information shows the order reaches the destination.


    1. Cancellation of Orders
    • If you need to cancel an order, please submit the contact form or email us at service@kmerlife.com as soon as possible. Please take a note, it is not possible to cancel for the order already been shipped. So it is impotent for you to make cancellation decision quickly, in case your item have already gone to the courier before we receive your cancellation email.


    1. Contact Info
    • Buyers can contact us to handle after-sales issues by submitting forms to us, emailing to service@kmerlifecom, or reaching us on Facebook Messenger.
    • The above channels only accept questions from buyers who purchased products at www.kmerlifecom.



    Please Note:

    Before you return the merchandise, please be sure to contact us by email. We are more happy to serve you and provide excellent after-sales service to prevent any dissatisfaction in your using.