Who we are

KMERLIFE is a brand established on 2019, which focused on people’s outdoor lifestyle. Outdoor lifestyle includes farming plants products, such as grow bags, plant pots, garden kneeler pads, garden gloves, etc. Nearly two years user accumulation makes KMERLIFE a full of experience online store, on how to provide best purchase experience and how to produce best quality products for users.

Outdoor Life Style

Growing bigger and better-rooted seedlings faster has never been easier or more economical with KmerLife.

KmerLife helps all growers to achieve the goal of build a splendid garden, no matter what were grew within this garden, potato, tomato, pepper, cucumber, garlic, or sunflower, rose, carnation, lisianthus. KMERLIFE creates an environment for you to grow what you want.

Everything you need is included in KMERLIFE that's perfect for serious planting demands.

Grow gloves, grow tool sets, grow kneeler pads, grow-lights, grow bags are all gardener's best friend.

At KmerLife, we're known for our high-quality garden products. From cherry to roma to beefsteak tomatoes, we have what you need for garden or container.

To decorate your garden, your yard, your balcony, your porch with KMERLIFE. You won’t disappointed.

Our Mission

Committed to offering the best for the home, KMERLIFE has always maintained the highest standards in products and service. All KMERLIFE stuff tried to provide best purchase experience.

Provide our customers with the finest products in a sustainable manner at the best value. Our mission motivates us every day, to strive for further development to reach greater achievements. Continuously challenging ourselves, we won’t stop until we exceed our expectations.

No matter what issues you meet, you can email us to: service@kmerlife.com.